Art in Washington Market Park

Currently we have two art installations in Washington Market Park: Frank Ape’s Picnic and The Court Mural.

Frank Ape’s Picnic is a series of seven murals atop the picnic tables in Washington Market Park. Painted onsite by contemporary New York artist Brandon Sines in May 2023, the murals feature Sines’ whimsical creature Frank Ape enjoying his favorite park activities. From playing tennis and basketball to gardening, admiring butterflies, strolling with baby Frank, and practicing yoga, Frank Ape relishes his time at play and at rest in the park!

Community, creativity, and self-expression are core values in Sines’ Frank Ape art. Recently Sines was awarded a massive installation at the World Trade Center and had a series of works featured on Link NYC’s digital kiosks as part of #ArtOnLink. He recently collaborated with the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum to officially celebrate the Guggenheim’s 60th Anniversary with two Frank Ape-themed pieces. His work is collected worldwide.

The Court Mural is located on Washington Market Park’s basketball court, on its eastern wall. It features an original 90-foot mural painted by world-renowned artist Todd James. It was installed in June 2015.

James is an American painter and a member of a generation of self-taught artists who have influenced popular culture on every level. James has exhibited his work at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia and the Tate Museum in Liverpool. His work was exhibited in “Bridges of Graffiti” included in the 2015 Venice Biennale. Several monographs of his work have been published. James lives in New York City.

The Court Mural